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Shree Baidyanath Ayurved Bhavan Pvt. Ltd. is a leading contract manufacturer and supplier of Ayurvedic medicines and herbal products in India and abroad. We have a wide range of products which have been well-researched and formulated by our dedicated research and development team.

We can also develop products beyond this range, as per your requirements or clone samples you provide us. Our team will work with you constantly to give you the desired efficacy, taste and presentation. We can provide the products in the following forms, as tablets, capsules, soft gel capsules, granules, powders, self generated alcohol containing elixir preparations (Asav/Arishtha Category), syrups and Oils, depending upon the medicine and the specifications. Every product will go through stringent quality assurance tests right from the procurement of raw materials to the packaging stage.

Our Research & Development division can undertake product development on behalf of third party for the following :

  • Complete range of Ayurvedic medicines
  • Herbal Lifestyle Products
  • Dietary and Nutritional Supplements
  • Natural Juices
  • Herbal Food Supplements
  • Bulk herbs
  • Organic Products
  • Herbal Massage oils
  • Herbal Facemasks
  • Herbal Ointments
  • Herbal Skin and Hair Care Products

  • Our medicines and therapeutic products are well-researched and In addition to the above, we will assist in the following activities :

    • Getting all local product name/loan license/any other approvals from the concerned Food and Drug Administration Office in India.
    • Preparing comprehensive Dossier for each of the products selected to ensure speedy registration in the buyerâs country.
    • Conducting Knowledge Transfer sessions for the Sales/Marketing team of the Buyerâs company.
    • Help in preparing all technical data wherever necessary and as desired by the buyer like leaflets, pamphlets, etc.
    • Share all Updated Clinical Trial Reports with the Buyer for their product.